Future Parties

These are the party concepts that I have come up with and will flesh out as the ideas hit and inspiration rolls. Feel free to leave a comment with a suggestion ๐Ÿ™‚

Downton Abbey Tea- Britain

Kryptonian Sup(p)er- alien like sophisticated foods

Dumas Dinner- French 1700s

Julia Child’s Delight- recipes from Julia Child’s book

Lord of the Rings cycle- single dinner with multi courses that progress through the story

Lord of the Rings cycle- set of dinners/meals with an iconic scene determining food choices

Bakers Street- parts of dinner that reference the work of sherlock holmes

Patriot’s Providence- historically accurate early American food, possible reference from Martha Washington cookbook

A Medieval Meal- this type of meal will be able to work for all medieval movies and/or performances i.e. Shakespeare, King Arthur, Merlin, Game of Thrones, etc. Meal can be historically accurate. Possible variations based on time period and/or country (Scotland, England, Fairy Tale, etc.)

The Pirates Fare- Combination of food that would be featured on the ship and then the delicacies enjoyed/craved on land

Narnian Feast- mixture of mid 20th century England food with Narnian food mentioned in books

Redwall’s Tables- vegetarian feast that includes food mentioned in books

Western Vittles- can have three variatons: dinner around the campfire for anything caravan or cattle drive flick, a homestead dinner complete with ma’s biscuits, and a saloon’s fare complete with ice cold sasparilla

Kent Farm Family Table- WWMKD? What would Martha Kent do? This dinner would be a traditional Smallville, KS with the yearly corn crop as the star and enough food for a growing Super Boy

Dinner at Avengers Tower- A dish that would honor each superhero in the Avengers. Can be a possible favorite dish of each superhero or a dish that relates to or

The Godfather- Italian all the way!!! “Leave the gun, take the cannoli”

Indiana Jones- could be a bunch of different options… could come from the countries Indy visits, could be food that Indy eats, etc….

A Night at the Opera- Opera food, music related food, prix-fixe menu from famous restaurants around famous Opera Houses, perfect for Phantom of the Opera

The Quiet Man Irish Dinner- simple Irish peasant food, perfect for St. Patrick’s Day

Hallmark Christmas Movie- wintery or christmassy type dinner with decorate your own sugar cookie or gingerbread men ๐Ÿ™‚

Sword of Truth Series- A feast to satisfy even a wizard of the first order

Kate and Leopold- with a beautiful breakfast…. and real butter

Zorro- Old California/Mexican recipes maybe from the banquet scene

No Reservations- mmmmmm so many things to choose from

Jane Austen’s Table

Dracula- surprisingly food and recipes mentioned in the first couple of chapters… who knew??? Also…. Dracula has a giant white mustache and an almost unibrow… again… who knew???

Hook- Between Hook’s feast and the boys food fight this could be fun ๐Ÿ™‚

Mystic Grill- Vampire Diaries

Princess and the Frog- Definitely some Gumbo and some “Man-catchin Beignets”!!!

Gone with the Wind- I’ll have to actually read the book and watch the movie to find the food but I’m sure there’s some and if not we will just have to make a complimentary menu




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