Star Wars Baby Shower


Tea Sandwiches:
Nerf Steak Sandwich- herbed butter tenderloin (filet mignon), softened butter, herbs, Pepper, Baguette
Egg Salad- traditional egg salad, white bread
Prosciutto Fig- Butter, fig jam, prosciutto, pear, salt, pepper, baguette
Caprese- Mozzarella, tomato, basil, artichoke hearts, foccacia
Lemon Curd/Blackberry- English muffin, lemon curd, blackberries

Sith Crackers (Tomato Canape)

Baked Hoths

Wookie Cookies  (cocoa coconut macaroons)

Ewok Dance Party Mix

BB-8 Mandarins

Jar-Jar Binks Eggs (grapes)


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